Head of Hardware

  • R&D
  • Vedbæk, Denmark

Head of Hardware

Job description

We are searching for a Head of R&D Hardware to take up the responsibility for developing of radar and vision tracking hardware products at TrackMan. Key focus is to continue to ensure the development portfolio of new hardware platforms progress well while utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and that the existing products continue to improve, while the team continues to develop

TrackMan is a fast-growing sports technology company that helps athletes in golf, baseball, American football, and soccer get most out of their game and make their experience more engaging. Our products combine radar and vision-based tracking, advanced algorithms, and applications across platforms including sport simulators. We are an integrated part in the daily lives of the world’s sports superstars, the largest, professional teams, and millions of amateurs across the world.

We develop and manufacture our products primarily in Vedbæk, Denmark, and sell them globally. We are more than 500 employees globally, primarily in our offices in Denmark, US, Japan, and Korea. We are privately owned which allows us to make decisions fast.

Some of the technology used in our products include microwave design of antenna, amplifiers and mixers, high speed digital hardware and high speed camera at both visual and near infrared wavelengths. Product building include injection mould plastic cabinets as well as milled and casted metallic components. To support the development process tools such as anechoic chambers, 3D printing and machine shop facilities are used.

The job

You will be leading R&D Hardware in TrackMan working with products for all our sports. Key tasks for you and the team include:

  • Ensuring progression in existing, confidential hardware projects and transition to larger scale production, and upgrades
  • Maturing the TrackMan Platform Tracking Unit (PTU) and integration in range solution involving screens, site servers, and render servers
  • Helping redesign hardware to mitigate component shortages
  • Acting as sparring partner to production in scaling volume and professionalizing production flows
  • Overseeing certification portfolio and ensure local compliance in the markets we operate in
  • Working closely with the Product Owners to co-develop and execute new hardware projects
  • Developing the Hardware Team as TrackMan grows, ensuring everyone in the team are engaged, and helping all employees develop

You will lead a strong team of 20 engineers with a mix of very experienced industry professionals and recently graduated engineers.

You will work at our office in Vedbæk, Denmark. You should expect 10 to 20 travel days per year. You report to the Chief Technology Officer and is a member of R&D Leadership Team.


The right candidate:

The ideal candidate is characterized by:

  • A background in engineering with strong academic performance
  • Leadership experience in an engineering setting, and ideally project management experience. Leadership style can balance ‘leading the way’ and empowering leaders and specialists
  • Strong R&D expertise including understanding how hardware products are developed efficiently with proper risk management
  • Broad knowledge of the different technologies in the field
  • Ability to work well with multiple stakeholders including R&D Tracking, R&D Embedded SW, Project Managers, Product Owners, UI/UX, Production and Customer Support
  • Natural focus on creating a great working environment where top talents thrive
  • Ideally, a broad network within R&D hardware and educational networks

You are:

  • A great people leader that motivates your team by giving clear direction, ensuring involvement and empowerment. You can personally provide guidance and decision making to ensure output of high quality
  • Innovative and curious to understand new technologies
  • ‘To the point’, and a fast executer. You bring new ideas and challenge existing beliefs
  • Ambitious, have a high integrity, and a ‘start-up’ mentality. You can work across all cultures
  • Curious to learn, have high requirements to your own performance and others’, and is a great colleague
  • You connect easily to other people and have an outgoing nature
  • Passionate about sport

Where innovation happens

At TrackMan, we know that great people make great products. We believe that teams thrive, and innovation sparks in an atmosphere where people are encouraged to think for themselves, where everybody’s voices are heard, and where the best ideas prevail in the pursuit of the exceptional solution. This mix is what makes TrackMan an inspiring company – for our customers and our colleagues.

Share our Passion!

If you have any questions, please contact Head of HR Carina Mathilde Andersen at caa@trackman.com Start date is expected to be 1st August 2022. Interviews take place on an ongoing basis.

If you got what it takes, apply today and join a company with great technologies, passionate colleagues, and great opportunities to grow.